Doubling Your Sales Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

Chet HolmesAnd Chet Holmes should know: He's doubled the sales of more companies on earth than anyone else and has skyrocketed sales time and again for countless Fortune 500 companies across the country. He's also helped take three companies from $0 to $100 million and gain inclusion in the 'Inc 500' as America's Fastest Growing Companies. Chet's passion today is helping others map out a path to the type of overwhelming sales success he's enjoyed now for over two decades.

Already a New York Times best-selling author of ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine,’ Chet is now taking his commerce shaping strategies to the next level via the live web. In his groundbreaking live interactive online training, Chet interacts personally with small groups of ambitious business people – in real time.

How the Online Training Works

Upward TrendThe live interactive online training provides proprietary information and structured discussion based around breakthrough business-building concepts developed over Chet's stellar career as top gun sales & marketing executive. These concepts include:

  • The Best Buyer Strategy
    Learn how to specifically target and flawlessly convert your perfect buyers
  • Transitioning to Educational-Based Marketing
    How would you like to pull 900% greater response from your marketing efforts?
  • Harnessing Super Star Sellers
    How to get an army of people selling your products or services for you for free.
  • Zero to $100 Million
    Receive an in-depth analysis of the type of person who grows a company to $100 million-and what YOU can learn from that mindset
Other Training Topics

In addition to high-level strategies, webinar participants will delve into learning and improving crucial everyday skills like:

  • Time Management
  • Improving Customer Relations
  • Streamlining the Sales Process
  • Effective Presenting
  • Bonding With Clients
  • Goal Setting
More about Chet Holmes

The Ultimate Sales Machine BookChet Holmes has worked with over 60 of the Fortune 500 companies as America's top marketing executive, trainer, strategic consultant and motivation expert. He has identified and developed the 12 core competencies that are proven to provide the main structure of truly great companies and he has developed more than fifty proprietary methods for implementing to see his and your ideas actually take root and grow.

The realization of Chet's discoveries came to full fruition while running nine divisions of a company for Charlie Munger (on the Forbes "Billionaires" list, partner of Warren Buffett). Chet Holmes doubled the sales volume of each division, most within only 12 to 15 months, continuing strategic growth in several divisions and again doubling sales for several years consecutively. Charlie has called Chet, "America's greatest sales and marketing executive."

Chet Holmes is also the author of the best selling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine (#1 business book on Amazon, #1 Sales and Marketing book on Amazon, NY Times best seller list).

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Remember the webinar, normally priced at $500, is available for a very limited time at only $199. Attend risk free! If you don't derive substantial value from your webinar experience, simply let the Chet Holmes Operations Center know within 24 hours and receive a FULL REFUND!

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